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What is a digi stamp?

Digi stamps are images that can be purchased cheaply online, and downloaded onto your computer. They are high quality images designed for printing and you can manipulate them on you own computer. You can flip, rotate, modify and resize the image as you wish. After printing you can add your own colours or decoration as desired. Most commonly Digi Stamps are black and white outline images, giving an effect similar to that of a traditional stamp. Coloured digi stamps are available too.

A variety of mediums can be used to add colour e.g chalks, marker pens, pencils, watercolour. Waterbased mediums may cause smudging and the print may first need to be 'heat sealed' before adding your colours. You can do this simply with a hair dryer. This will set the printer ink so it won’t smudge. Alternatively you may like to experiment with embossing.

Digi stamps can come in a variety of files formats. Most commonly they are JPEG or PNG files. The advantage of PNG files is that they can be created with a transparent background which means that the user/purchaser can then layer images.

Be careful to read the terms and condtions when buying digi stamps. In most cases they be used for making cards and selling for profit but not in mass production or selling the stamp on.

Digi Stamps vs Traditional Stamps

Digi stamps are accessable from the home and can be downloaded immediately after purchase. There is no need to go to shops or have lengthy waits for the post to arrive.

Digi stamps can be manipulated before printing, e.g they can be resized and flipped. Commonly used programmes to do this with are Paint (installed on computers using Windows), Microsoft Word and Photoshop. There are many more but I won't list them all here.

Digi stamps guarantee a perfect image every time. Using traditional stamps you can over ink, under ink and a shake of the hand or dust etc could lead to a blurred image.