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3 x Roses

All our roses are handmade from quality cards. They are available in many colours: yellow, pink, red, white, black, ivory, grey, orange, silver, cadbury purple, purple, electric blue, light blue, coral. You will find examples of many of these colours below. We sell all colours in groups of 3.

Roses made from paper, red, white ad yellow.
white paper rosesWhite
Black paper made rosesBlack
Red rosesRed
yellow rose card embellishmentYellow
Pink roses card embellishmentsPink
Blue rose card embellishmentBlue
Silver rose card embellishmentSilver
Orange rose card embellishmentOrange
Purple rose card embellishmentPurple
Tan coloured rose card embellishmentTan
Cadbury purple rose card embellishmentPuple.2
light blue rose card embellishmentL Blue


More Colours

Price: £2.25 for 3 roses. Postage is free (UK only).

Approximate size: 2.5cm - 3cm. Each one will vary slightly.

Materials: Made from 2 sided coloured card.

Additional Information about placing an order: When you place an order you will be purchasing 3 roses of your selected colour. You will be directed to your paypal page where you can add to your order or pay for what you have already selected. Flexibility - If however you have ordered for example 3 red roses but ideally would like 2 red and one yellow, please just contact me after purchase (using the contact page) and I will make sure you are send your prefered mix of colours.