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Handmade flower embellishments. Add a special touch to your creative projects.

Papermade flowers in colours: purple, voilet, red, yellow and lemon yellow.

Price: 5 flowers for £1.99 or 20 for 4.99

Delivery: First Class free postage (UK only)

Quantity and colour

- These flowers are supplied in sets of five. They are normally sold as 5 x a single colour e.g 5 x purple, however I can combine colours to make up 5 flowers. If you choose this option please just contact me to let me know what colours you would like.

- Approximate size is 7.5cm

- Made from nice papers.

-They are made up of 6 layers, and individual petals can be raised to give a 3D effect.

- Ideal for many creative projects: card, invitations, pictures, cake decorations etc