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Teddy Bears Plant Pot

Teddy bear sitting in a plant pot wearing a yellow raincoat.
Outline drawing of Teddy bear sitting in a plant pot wearing araincoat.Outline
Coloured drawing of teddy bear sitting in a blue plant pot wearing a yellow raincoat.Colour


In this funny image the bear has placed himself in a plant pot. Hi wears a raincoat to protect himself from getting wet. After all somebody could mistake him for a flower and has water poured other him!

This image is not only ideal for people that like flowers and cuties but can also be used for teachers thatnkyou cards. It is a perfect image with the text added 'Thankyou for helping me grow'.


Price: £1.49

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Download includes 3 x 300dpi high resolution files: one black outline PNG, one black outline JPEG, and one coloured PNG. Once download they can be resized. When a payment is made, paypal supplies me with the email address you have registered with them. I will use this address to send your files / images to. I check my purchases several times a day during the normal working week, so it won't take long for you to recieve you item. At weekends and bank holidays I check when I can. Artwork @ The running Duck. Please read our terms and conditions prior to purchase.