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Red and Ivory Polka Dot Plant Pots

Bright red plant pots with an ivory rim and ivory dots. They have a glossy finish.

Decoration: Polka Dot


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Available sizes
Size 1: Diameter 7cm, Height 6cm
Size 2: Diameter 9cm, Height 8cm

Price (Free Postage)
Small: £6.50, Medium: 7.50

Materials used, desription and taking care of you pot
These pots are hand painted to a very high standard. Before any paint is applied each pot is sealed with a high quality sealer to prevent moisture getting in and creating bubbles in the paint. They are then painted with top quality paints. Finally they are sprayed with a varnish to protect the paint. They have a gloss finish. I will stress that I make things to last, and therefore I buy probably the most expensive materials that give top quality effects.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The pots are terrocotta and have a hole in the bottom. The paint I have used is suitable to outdoors. However like all terocotta pots you do have to bring them indoors in the frost to avoid cracking.

They can be ealiy cleaned. Gently wipe with a damp cloth.