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All frames are hand decorated with a great deal of love and care to give them a professional, individual feel. For further details please click on the images / links below. Most frames are available in vaious sizes, colours and designs. Only examples of each are shown on this page. Free postage to the UK.

Personalised Frames

Personalised frames, decorated with coloured hearts.Coloured Heart
£8.99 - £11.99
Frame with Ho Ho Ho! displayed on the bottom and personalised text on the top. Christmas
£8.99 - £11.99
Frame with paw print across it and personalised with a pets / dogs name.Dog Frame - Paws £8.99 - £11.99
Personalised frame decorated with white dog bones on a coloured background.Dog Frame - Bones £8.99-£11.99

Coloured and Decorative Frames

Different coloured frames with a painted glossy finnish.Shiny